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Runway Models is a community for MALE RUNWAY SHOWS AND RUNWAY MODELS, here you may post entries with pictures of certain models (in runway shows) or certain runway shows. Men's RM was created after the separation of male runway models from r_models The community is members only so click here to join.

- Before posting a model please check if he hasn't already been posted in the last 30 days (may entries).

- When you post backstage pictures do not include the "Ready to Wear" or "Couture". Simply say "Name of Collection Season Year Backstage".

- There's no reason to use the "current mood" or "current music", we are not interested in how you're feeling or what shitty music you're listening to.

- All pictures must be exactly 320 x 480, the default size from men.style.com.

- When a model is on battle of the models please do not post any entries about him, it causes disadvantages to the other models competing.

- If you are hosting the pictures on your photobucket please make sure you don't delete the pictures later.

- Use the subject titles correctly when posting. If it's a model include his name on the subject. Show titles should be posted in this format: NAME SEASON YEAR TYPE, example: Christian Lacroix Spring 2006 Ready to Wear or Christian Dior Fall 2005 Couture. Do not dash the "Ready to Wear". When posting a show please write out "Ready to Wear" or "Couture" and not abbreviations such as RTW and CTR.

- When posting entries with a model please include at least 15 pictures, unless the model does not have that many pictures. Also make sure to include any information, specially his stats.

- No Icon entries.

- Absolutely NO TEXT outside the livejournal cut, your entry should look EXACTLY like this:

When we say exactly, we mean exactly. Don't forget the border and don't change the LJ cut.

- Be courteous to other members and do not start fights, doing so will cause banning to all members involved.

- This is a community for those who LOVE models, if you will constantly bash them please don't even bother joining/commenting.

- Please justify your comments, don't say just say "he's ugly" or "i don't like him." Thats just kind of rude.

- NO PROMOTION IN ANY WAY OR FORM ("crossposted to communityname" is considered promotion).

- Respect the Privacy Rule!

- If your entry is deleted please do not go ask why on the mod's personal journals. Before you write anything please review the rules because most likely your entry didn't follow some of the rules.

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